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Young Indian male FUE hair transplant in our hair transplant clinic is the best way to do hair transplant and the best tecnique for hair transplant in Chandigarh and also best hair transplant clinic in India. Theer are no side effects of hair transplant worth mentioning. Is hair transplant safe? ofcourse hair transplant using FUE technique for hair transplant is a safe procedure. The procedure is at an affordable cost for hair transplant at Darling Buds Clinic in Chandigarh in India.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 3 | 1756 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Scalp and body hair in extensive balding Large hair transplant sessions also called Megasessions for hair transplant are becoming the norm in the field of hair restoration today. At darling Buds clinic we do megasessions almost every other day. Body hair transplant is used very often and the donor areas include chest and beard.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 6 | 3800 Grafts FUE | Transplant

Sikh pattern traction alopecia

http// Hair transplant procedures for Sikh pattern traction alopecia are extremely common in the geographical area of my practice at Chandigarh, India which is the capital of Punjab with predominantly Sikh population. Sikh pattern traction alopecia is caused by tight tying of the topknot which is common practice in the Sikh religion. Today Sikhs are spread out all over the world in countries like USA, Canada, UK and Australia. With change in modern living and fashion many opt for having a clean shaven look which though forbidden by Sikhism is a norm today amongst the youth. This leads to a broken disrupted hairline where there are no hair. Sikh traction alopecia is different from balding in that the hair density should match the existing hairline which is usually extremely dense. Without dense packing of grafts the results do not match up to the patients' expectations and there may be a patient-doctor conflict. At Darling Buds Hair transplant Clinic in India we do the world's largest number of hair transplant by the FUE technique in this subset of Sikh pattern traction alopecia. http//

Male | Non-Caucasion | 2654 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

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Female pattern baldness This 30 years old female of Caucasian and Asian descent came with a wide forehead wishing to lower her hairline. Using FUE hair transplant technique for female pattern baldness (wide forehead in this case) a natural hairline was designed keeping in mind her facial contours and racial features in consonance with her legitimate objectives of a low hairline for her wide forehead. The final result of hair transplant is seen after 8 months of the FUE procedure. The patient came in for addition of density. Please note that during the procedure, the "no shave" hair transplant procedure was used and this restricts the total number of grafts available in one hair transplant session. The hair transplant was done under local anesthesia without any sedation. The procedure lasted 8 hours which included the harvesting of FUE grafts after counseling, head wash and hairline design consultation. This was followed by the plantation process. It is to be noted that Dr Tejinder Bhatti at Darling Buds Hair Transplant Clinic, Chandigarh does the majority of the procedure of hair loss surgery himself. This is the hallmark of his successful hair transplant practice due to which Darling Buds is considered the best hair transplant clinic for FUE in the world and especially for FUE megasessions.

Female | Non-Caucasion | Class: 2 | 2016 Grafts FUE | Transplant

Indian male patient after hair transplant Hair line design should be natural. The components of a natural hairline design at Darling Buds hair transplant clinic @Chandigarh is use of single follicles in the first 2 rows, macro and micro irregularities. A hairline should frame the face well incorporating esthetically placed and pleasing soft temple triangles. The racial characteristics of an individual in hairline design should be kept in mind. Before traveling to India for a hair transplant keep in mind that you should discuss the hairline beforehand. The best hair transplant clinics in India will encourage you to do so.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 3 | 2000 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Traction alopecia in Sikh Male

30 years old patient with Sikh pattern traction alopecia who was treated through FUE hair transplant at this clinic has come for review after 18 months of his procedure.

Male | Non-Caucasion | 1988 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Extensive baldness and FUE FUE hair transplant in India for extensive baldness in Indian origin patient.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 5 | 3400 Grafts in 2 Sessions | FUE | Transplant

Hair Transplant - 3450 Grafts - Dr.Suneet Soni

Patient: 30 years old NRI male Hair Transplant Surgeon: Dr. Suneet Soni Hair Transplant Sessions: 1 Grafts Implanted: 3450 Grade of Baldness: NW III Surgical Procedure: FUT (Strip Method) Trichophytic donor closure for almost invisible scar

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 3 | 3450 Grafts in 1 Session | FUT/Strip | Transplant

Dr Resul Yaman Hair Clinic - 3710 Grafts Result

This patient was present to Dr. Resul Yaman 

for his hair restoration options.  3710 grafts were used to produce the following results at nine months postoperative.. -3710 grafts
-570 single grafts
-2050 double grafts
-1090 multiple grafts

Our patient has been using 1mg finansterid 2 tablets multivitamin complex and procapil spray for one year.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 3 | 3710 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

Amir Lahijy Hair Transplant Journey and Documentary

In this hair transplant video, Amir Lahijy creates a video documentary regarding his hair restoration and hair transplant. He had researched options for more than 5 years in order to find a professional doctor to restore his hair. He finally found Dr. Parsa Mohebi who is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network. Amir hopes this video helps you to learn more about the process. Watch this video to see the process Amir went through, view snippets from his hair replacement procedure and view his results. Special thanks to everyone that help me to produce the video.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 5 | FUT/Strip | Transplant

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Dr Kapil Dua - Grafts-4650 / Strip+BIO-FUE technique Result after 1 year

A 30 year old male presented with the concern of baldness for the past 5 years. He was NW Grade IV patient. He was suggested around 4000 grafts by either 2 sittings of FUE or  or a combination of Strip + FUE. He opted for the latter and underwent the surgery by both techniques on 2 consecutive days. On first day, the FUT was done. A total number of 4650 grafts were harvested. The hairline and the frontal area were covered with the same. On the second day, 1300 grafts were harvested by FUE technique and put in the mid scalp and crown area. The surgery was uneventful. We are hereby presenting the results of the patient after 1 year of the surgery.

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 4 | 4650 Grafts FUE | Transplant

Hair Transplant 5,100 Hair Grafts by Dr. Diep on Norwood 6 Advance Hair Loss

This client had 5,110 hair grafts transplanted from the frontal to the back during 1 year follow up with Dr. Diep. This client was a Norwood 6.


5,110 Hair Grafts Break Down:

One Hair Roots: 834 grafts

Two Hair Roots: 2,627 grafts

Three Hair Roots: 1,006 grafts

Four Hair Roots: 643 grafts

Total Hair Roots: 5,110 hair grafts

Male | Non-Caucasion | Class: 6 | 5110 Grafts in 1 Session | FUE | Transplant

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